The Hunger Games is an event that happens once a year in Panem. The 12 districts are forced to reap 2 tributes on reaping day 1 boy and 1 girl to fight to the death in the hunger games. The Hunger Games is a large outdoor arena in which the 24 tributes between the ages of 12 and 18 must kill each other. The Hunger Games is punishent for the uprising aginst the Capitol

The TrainEdit

The tributes will first board a Capitol train that is really fast and is full of exquisite food, furnature. The tributes relax in the comfortable train while waiting to go to the Capitol.

Prep Team And StylistEdit

When they get to the Capitol they are taken to see there prep team. The prep team then rids the tributes of any unwanted hair and does other stuff to get the tributes ready for the stylists. Then when the prep team is done the tribute gets to meet there stylist. He or she will dress the tribute in there tribute parade costumes. The costumes will reflect the district.

Tribute ParadeEdit

The tributes will come out in their chariots pulled by white horses. First is District 1 then 2 and so on in number order. The tributes start at the remake center and ends up at the city circle. If you costume is good you might get sponsers.

Training CenterEdit

The tributes get 3 days in the training center to train
for the games. There are diferent stations the tributes can visit. Some teach wepons and some teach survival. This is a very important part to prepareing for the games because technicly tributes are not allowed to train for the games ahead of time.

Training Scores And Private SessionsEdit

After training tributes go into a room alone and show the gamemakers there skills. The only people who will know what the tribute did is the tribute and the gamemakers, not the other tributes, not Ceaser, not Panem, nobody. That night the training scores are telivised to the entire nation. The gamemakers decide the scores. The scores range from 1-12. They show how good the Gamemaker think the tributes will do in the games but do not show who will win as some tributes choose to hide there skills.