Foxface During her interview

Foxface is what Katniss called the girl from District 5

Hunger GamesEdit


Foxface prefered to outlast the other tributes, instead of confronting them. She used her wits to her advantage in every situation she could. She 'hid in plain sight' by keeping herself well consealed, but still close to her opponets.

The GamesEdit

In the bloodbath, Foxface didn't take any chances and escaped without any weapons or supplies, counting on the fact that she could survive with her wits alone.

A long while later, Katniss spots Foxface dancing up to the careers supplies, where she carefully picks out enough supplies to last her for a while, but not enough for them to notice that anything was missing. The next day she is seen laughing in the ashes of the supplies, because now she has a fair chance of winning the games. Unlike the careers, she manages to find some useful suppplies in the ruins, such as a pot and a knife blade.

During the feast Foxface cleverly hid inside of the cornicopia and when the feast started, she raced out and grabed her pack first. Katniss was frustrated by this, simply because of the fact that she didn't think of that method first.


Foxface had been following Katniss and Peeta, picking off bits and pieces of their supplies and keeping an eye on them for quite a while when Peeta found some Nightlock berries. Foxface didn't think twice about if they were safe or not since Peeta was planning to eat them, but Peeta had made a deadly mistake that they only realized after Foxface had consumed the deadly berries. She ended up in 4th Place.


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