These are all the rules for chat.
  1. Do not ask personal questions such as age, full name, adress, phone number, ect. Asking personal questions will result in a 24 hour chat ban.
  2. Do not send creepy messages even if you don't think it's creepy if some one sends a message saying they are weirded out, stop. Not stopping to send creepy messages on purpose will result in a 2 hour chat ban.
  3. Do not talk about grown up stuff this includes drinking, drugs, sex, ect. Some of the people on chat may be 13, some may have gotten away with being younger. You will be banned for 48 hours.
  4. DO NOT answer personal questions if you do you will be banned for 168 hours ( 1 week) I will not be responsable for any one getting kidnapped or anything else
  5. Do not say mean or ofensive things yeah cussing counts. Saying mean or offensive things result in a 72 hour ban.

Thats about all. These rules also count in comments and messages on message walls. You get one warning then you will be banned from chat. If you deny what you did I will find wittnesses. if it happens in PM (private message) there is nothing I can do. If I witness it or a chat moderator does I can't do anything. If chat becomes a problem I will take it off the wiki. I can change the amount of time you are banned so don't be mean to me or anything please. If you write a page about how mean and unfair I am I will delete it even though I said I wont delete your stuff and I will block you from editing the wiki for a certain amount of time.

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